Passion Never Retires for Kerstin Paillard

The best thing that I love about my work is the freedom. I am a painter and I decide when and where I want to work. I have no boss, no schedule. As I am exhibiting in many different places, I also travel a lot.

My idea of perfect happiness : love, painting, a glass of wine.

What I can say about my greatest fear is this : ”There us nothing to fear but fear itself”. Dany Elfman.

The trait that I most déplore in myself is that I always have to say what I think.

The living person in my profession that I most admire is Jeff Koons. He is for me the successor of Marcel Duchamp, the famous French artist who transformed the contemporary art with his concept of ”Ready Made” in the beginning of last century.

My greatest extravagance is to wear Dior ”Rouge Dior” on my lips.

I hate lies and liars, but I would lie to protect someone that I love.

The thing that I dislike the most in my work is that people believe that your work is not a real work, that you do nothing but dreaming all day long.

I am always happy when I am painting, wherever I am.

What I would change about myself if I could is the feeling that I never is good enough. But I think that it’s a part of being an artist, to never be satisfied with oneself. The day you’re completely satisfied, you stop creating.

My greatest achievement in work is doing bigger and better painting every year.

The place I would most like to live is everywhere where I can paint, live peacefully and spend time with the person and the people I love.

My most treasured possession is a golden glass found on Edö, in Stockholm’s archipelago. It remains me of what is really important in life.

My most marked characteristic is that I am extremely emotional.

The most inspirational location in my city is the sea. I love sitting in front of the
Mediterranean Sea, looking at the sky, the sunrises and the sunsets, with their multiple
colors and changes.

My favourite place to eat and drink is my terrace with sea view.

The books that influenced my life are first of all the Tintin comics. I felt in love immediately with this journalist who traveled around the world for his work. As a teenager I read L’Etranger written by Albert Camus. The hero was such a fatalistic person, I got really chocked and confused but today I am happy to think that this philosophy influenced my life.

My favourite writers are Maupassant, Teulé, Gavalda.

The music that I would listen to on my last day would be my brother’s music. His a songwriter and a musician, his music is very inspiring and I love to listen to it when I paint.

My heroine in fiction is Pippi Långstrump and my hero is Tintin.

My heroes and heroines in real life are all the persons who believe in their dreams, try to
reach them and fight for their rights, believes, goals and passions.

The movie I would recommend to see once in a lifetime is Pulp Fiction.

Art is my life and work.

My greatest fan, sponsor and partner in crime is my man Robert.

The person I would like to work with this year is my man Robert.

I meet great persons in my profession all the time, they are all important in their own way and I feel very lucky to have all these opportunities in my life.

I am looking forward to work on all the coming exhibitions. This year I will exhibit in Stockholm (Sweden), Genova and Torino (Italy), Skopje (Macedonia) and hopefully in New York (USA).

The words ”Passion never retires” mean to me, that you can never stop creating, you need it, you love it, it’s a part of you.

The creative heroine Peter should invite is Elsa Rysto, a great scriptwriter.

You can see my work on my website You can contact me at

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