Passion Never Retires for Katinka Durkstra

What is the best thing i love about my work? The freedom of water, art, culinary and love in the most broad definition of the word.Combined in one word, creating. All goes hand in hand, as an artist, businesswoman and mother.

What is my idea of perfect happiness? Keeping my freedom of independent creatorg of all, without hurting or fearing them whom i love. To bring instability and pain – referring to my children mostly- by moving on and live life to the max.

What is my greatest fear? Loosing my freedom doing what i do, follow my heart and dreams. And on the contrary, the possibility to lose all over and over again, fall on my face. Hard sometimes.

What is the trait that i most deplore in myself? My restlessness. Being unfit to adjust to the regular world enough without loosing me. Being a creating soul needs adjusting too. Not everybody can follow you, so fast. And i need patience for myself and others, to go with the flow.

What is my greatest extravagance? Being able to share the happiness of change, of making and believing in more and new. Bring faith and smiles on peoples faces. It seems a weird contradiction, but just real living seems an extravagance on its own. For them at least.

On what occasion would i lie? Never for money or getting further in life. For my beloved, my kids, i would bring up the biggest lie if i had to, to protect them.

What is the influence of role models, in my life and work? My father, the bon vivant, Jan, my writer and intellect, the craftworker willem the 3rd. All died too young, did not really succeed, but kept on whom they were. Gave color to the world. They are my motivation. And i try to prove to them i will succeed, being as we are.

What is the thing i dislike the most in my work? All administration, rules, paperwork. Drop it on another lap instantly if I could.

What is my story about passion never retires? I live on my passions, would die without. The only way to continue and grew. All the changes are a step forward, the new, the inspiration. Even if it means struggle, it is life. No other option but drop when i stop.

When and where was i the happiest, in my work? While carrying my twins inside, twelve years ago, giving art masterclasses, kook for them – my guests – too and paint my best canvasses in a chicken barn at my house, at night. Sold them all. I was full of energy and it payed off, all different ways.

If i could, what would i change about myself. My impatient character. But it has proven a everyday zen test. Never to be perfect on that one. The wish to move fast, expect people to understand that, is not without pain, and it makes me loose people too. Even work wise, loose because of that too. Closing things positively off with time needs patience too.

What is my greatest achievement in work? I am achieving it now. Putting all my cooking skills and as a businesswoman on a floating culinary ship. My official opening by the mare was yesterday 27th october. It took me 1,5 years to achieve. And now the hard work is yet to come…

What is my most inspirational occasion in my city? The river IJssel, on my doorstep. Walking my great Dane, Napoleon, in silence and nature. Seeing a solitary swan, further up his lady. They take over the river as it was their own. Not caring about what the world does or think. Than i think, everything is possible, with more faith and self confidence

What is my favorite place to eat and drink in my city? On my own tiny little farmyard, with people i deeply care for, to cook for whom i love. I have tasted and seen it almost all. So much. The real masters are rare. So i make my own dream combination, very small and simple. The ape-culture in town here, is so boring.

Who is my greatest fan, partner in crime? My wonderful kids, dear friends and family. They believe in me. For them too it is why i do it . The fans on board of my ship are wonderful of course, but kind of less meaningless. And besides my investor, am i my biggest partner in crime myself.

Whom would i like to work with in the future? Great people on canvas, art, culinary, world leaders, whom made a difference to the world, from a big heart. I would love to be taken, as a student almost, by the hand again sometimes. Discuss, talk, share.

What project, in the nearby future am i looking forward to work on? My new floating little river cafe. Fair products, fantastic atmosphere, freedom of the water, very personal creation, and make it work! Not in the last place to being able to pay my bills and keep a safe house for them i care for. And make a little dream come true. By showing all, hard work and risks, pays off!

Which role models would i like to meet in the nearby future, talk about their dream job?The big boys in the kitchen from all over the world right now. Is my menu ok, am i starting right? Their experience… Would be a present.

Am i ever going to retire from the work and life i love? Never ever, ever!

How can you contact me?

Katinka Durkstra

The Little River Cafe

Veerweg 1 Wijhe

Loswal, Harbour

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