Passion Never Retires with Manouk van der Meulen

What is my biggest passion?

My biggest passion is creativity, and to create value for myself and others.

What is my idea of ultimate happiness?

The ultimate happiness for me is when something falls into place, something I have worked for or dreamed about, which manifests itself.

What is my biggest fear?

My biggest fear is that nobody loves me, that I will be isolated, and die of loneliness.

What I love most about my job?

‘Being in flow’ and have a strong engagement and dedication, which is a wonderfully timeless feeling.

What is my least attractive feature?

My perfectionism is contstant in the way.

What is my biggest pitfall?

Too many interests and wanting to do everything at once.

Where would I lie?

a white lie” is sometimes necessary, with that attitude, I almost always speak the truth.

What role models have had the greatest impact on me?

Daisaku Ikeda, I practice since 1999 the Buddhism of Nichiren Daihonin, I base my life on this inspiring philosophy.

What I like the least of my work?

Chasing clients for payments, dishonesty.

Where and when I was most happy with my work?

If I can travel and work at the same time, as last year when we shot a documentary in Japan.

What does the statement “Passion Never Retires’ do for me?

Passion is life itself, without passion I’m dead, it never occurred to me to stop creating.

What I would like to change about myself?

As little as possible, I try to accept myself as I am, and try not to criticize what I do, which is hard enough.

What is my biggest professional achievement?

I’ve managed to continue a career as an actress for 35 years in Holland, the UK and Sweden, and in addition I’ve developed as a writer and yoga teacher.

What profession would have in the next life?

Jazz Pianist, I come from a musical family, with my great-uncle Mathijs Vermeulen as famous composer, that blood must flow.

What is the place where I get the best ideas, in my city?

When I’m with my dog Spacey and running in the Swedish woods, in the London underground, and when I am taking a bath.

What’s my favorite place to eat and drink in my city?

I live in The South of Sweden, but like to take the train to Copenhagen, and have a coffee on the terrace of the Louisana Museum.

Who is my biggest fan / sponsor / partner in crime?

My husband, I discuss everything with him, he gives me feed back on my work as an actress and writer on a dialy basis, he is committed to make my dreams come true.

Who would I like to work in the future?

The Swedish director Roy Andersson, his movies are surreal, I like his style.

To what project in the near future do I look forward to?

I am looking forward to the publication of my second book and a TV show / project I can not tell more about.

What role model I would like to meet and talk?

Nobody, I believe more in finding the role model within yourself, and there are big and small heroes, heroes that you encounter every day on the street, who you can learn from, that interests me more.

Am I going to retire from this work and life that I love?

That seems impossible, less is more, I want to do more in less time, not the quantity, but quality is important for me.

How can you contact me?

Through my agency, Allstars Agency in Amsterdam, or webside,

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