Passion Never Retires for Anastasia Borta

The best thing I love about my work is seeing the transformation, the growth, the ‘aha moments’ and the healings that the people get when we work together. I also love that my work is always evolving and I’m transforming, growing and evolving along with it.

My idea of perfect happiness is going to bed every night knowing that I’ve lived that day fearlessly, that I’ve done everything I could to change what I wanted, that I’ve learned something new, that I’ve loved myself, the world and my life more than I had yesterday.

My greatest fear. I had many fears in the past. I was fearing life itself. With ThetaHealing I’ve learned to explore them and see why they were there, what they were teaching me, what were they protecting me from and how to let them go. At the moment I am learning to be more outspoken and speak my truth louder.

The trait I most deplore in myself. I used to dislike a lot about myself. It was not making my life enjoyable. We must love ourselves fully. It is one of the first steps to take in finding health, joy and pleasures in life.

Living persons in my profession I most admire. Spiritual growth, developing the inherent capabilities we have within as human beings and healing are the areas I work in and the people that I most admire are Drunvalo Melchizedek, Vianna Stibal, Daniel Mitel and Gregg Braden.

My greatest extravagance. I had four holidays abroad last year. (

Occasion on which I would lie. To protect someone from harm.

The thing I dislike the most in my work. Marketing takes away the time I could spend with people working or teaching or reading stuff that I’m really fascinated about such as: teleporting, bilocating, telepathy, experiencing other dimensions etc

When and where I was happiest in my work? I am passionate about my work and I am happiest wherever and whenever I am doing it.

If I could, what I would change about myself? I would like to be a faster learner, but I’ve also learned to enjoy the process even if it’s slower nevertheless.

My greatest achievement in work. I have witnessed huge shifts in the health of my clients and an instantaneous healing in just one session!!!

Where would I most like to live. London is where I live at the moment and I’m truly, deeply loving it! It has a lot to offer, it’s so diverse. I know that a time will come when I’ll move somewhere else. My work requires me to travel and teach in different countries and I am open to the possibility of relocating someday. It will be still Europe.

My most treasured possession. They are not things. I have treasured experiences, memories and the love of my family and best friends in my heart.

My most marked characteristic. Calm, genuine, grounded.

My most inspirational location in my city. I love Hampstead, Kensington and Covent Garden and I love London for being so green with amazing, beautiful parks and walking trails which are a great way to escape the noise and crowds when you need to recharge. When I take these walks I can’t believe I’m still in London. It’s so beautiful, serene and quiet.

My favourite place to eat and drink in London is The Hollyhock Fairtrade Cafe. It’s hidden in the Terrace Gardens in Richmond with the beautiful view of the river and has lovely food and great coffee.

Books that influenced my life and how. I was reading once 2 books at a time and the evening I finished them both I felt transformed in some way. That night I had a dream where I saw 3 different life stories from different eras, in a row. I was in all of those stories. The dream was very vivid and unusual. I was sure these were actually past lives of mine. They answered some questions I had at the time and brought healing and more understanding for myself. And to be honest, I don’t remember which books they were exactly, I know that they were channelings from Kryon and Pleiadians and I’ve read several of them during that period in my life. Books are coming into our lives when we need them and we are ready for them. Other books that moved me deeply were “The Magdalen Manuscript” by Tom Kenyon and Judi Sion, “The Shack” by Paul Young, “The Serpent of Light” by Drunvalo Melchizedek and many more.

My favourite writers. If we talk about fiction writers, some of the ones that I read and moved me were Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas, Michail Bulgakov, Barbu Delavrancea, Ion Druta and Mihail Sadoveanu.

You only die once. Music I’d listen to on my last day. Hans Zimmer’s music

My hero or heroine in fiction. Martin Eden from “Martin Eden” by Jack London and Anastasia from “Anastasia The Ringing Cedars” by Vladimir Megre

My heroes and heroines in real life. The nurses, especially the ones in the Oncology Department and Chemotherapy

Movie I’d recommend to see one in a lifetime. The Fountain and The Shack

The role art plays in my life and work. Art plays a major role in my life. It brings beauty and joy and passion – it is indispensable! It is in everything, it is part of life itself! We would die without it!

My greatest fan, sponsor, partner in crime. I don’t have just one. I am lucky to have all of my family and friends supporting me, cheering me, helping me in all ways possible when I need them. I am so ever grateful!

Someone I’d like to work with in 2018. I don’t have anyone in mind at the moment. I am focusing on myself for now but this might change as we go further into 2018.

People in my profession I’d love to meet in 2018. I would love to go to Sedona and meet Drunvalo Melchizedek this year on one of his workshops.

Project I’m looking forward to work on in 2018. I had several propositions to work on coaching -healing projects together with other people in the field. I am excited about them! My personal project is teaching more classes and touching more hearts this year.

Where can you see me or my work in 2018? I will teach ThetaHealing Classes in London. Check my facebook profile and

What the words “Passion never retires” mean to me? It has the same meaning as the Confucius’ quote “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Which Creative heroines should Peter invite to tell their story. Victoria Madera –photographer, Valentina Mina – Health and lifestyle coach passionate of singing, Anastasia Ionas – multipassionate.


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