Passion Never Retires for Federico Mariotti

The thing I love most about my job is the opportunity to share a choice of energy and to give it to others, living honestly what you are and putting real feelings and emotions at the service of a character.

My idea of perfect happiness is to share joy and effort with those who know and want to do it.

My biggest fear is dealing with manipulative people.

The thing that I deplore most in me is when I do not give myself value.

I greatly admire those professionals who remain simple and humble despite success and money.

For me today, my great extravagance is to remain true to myself in front of anyone.

If I’m in danger I can lie to save myself.

The thing that I hate most in my work is the lack of meritocracy and the risk of having to come to terms with it in order to work, which I would never do.

The greatest joy I felt was last September, when the director Fabio Cento gave me the news that I had won the “Award of Excellence in Acting” for the Gorchlach series of which I am the protagonist. I was repaid for all the years of hard work and I rise to the occasion to do even better.

If I could change something about myself, I would like to know how to defend myself better. I’m working on it.

Last summer, near my house, an English tourist recognized me for the series “The Reaping” and asked me for an autograph, recently they asked me for a photo with a dedication. The recognition for what I do with the heart of these people is my greatest achievement.

“The Financial Freedom to Create” For me these words mean: believe in your potential and know that you can get it if you want it, if you do it, if you know you deserve it.

I would like to live in a place near the sea where the climate is mild the whole year.

My most precious asset is my emotions.

One of my marked characteristics is tenacity.

A place of strong inspiration for me is not far from my city, it is the sea and the cliff of Marina di Pisa.

A place that I love, where I drink, eat and always meet people and friends is a place called Wayne, near the park, in the city center.

A book that has greatly influenced my life is “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, it inspired me for an exhibition of paintings more than ten years ago. I share that idea of freedom, ethics, respect for life and for others.

Among my favorite writers I put Jack Kerouac.

You Only Die Once. What music do i want to listen to on my final day? It’s a question that nobody ever asked me, interesting. I choose the music of the Eagles with whom I grew up.

My heroes in fiction are all those well written and interpreted characters that excite you and open you to the vision of things that you have never observed in yourself. I would also say Batman ..

My real life heroes are all those people who save the lives of others, doctors, surgeons, volunteers, firefighters. I would ask them for an autograph. They are the real heroes.

A film that I recommend to see and that I saw recently is “Wonder”.

Art and creativity play a fundamental role in my life, make me communicative, real, generous and open to others. Their absence is sometimes the alarm bell and I understand that I am not doing something or I am losing myself in situations that do not do me any good.

I have two special people who support me and push me forward when it’s very difficult. My best friend and my mentor who is my artistic Mother.

In 2018 I would like to work with Gabriele Muccino, Luca Guadagnino, Carlo Verdone and Paolo Virzì.

I would like to meet Robert De Niro, my favorite actor and talk a little with him.

I would like to work on all the episodes of a series of which only the pilot exists, the series is called “Gorchlach” by Fabio Cento.

In 2018 you can see me at the cinema if you are in Italy before the summer with the movie “Fino all’ Inferno – Road To Hell” by Roberto D’Antona. And if you’re not in Italy, the film will be distributed on home video.

“Passion never retires”, for me it means that, despite moments of crisis or distrust, what you were born for and destined to do for the rest of your life is looking for you and will always save you, it never runs away without you.

My invitation for three creative and emerging heroes: the directors Federico Perticone, Davide Cancila and Fabio Cento.

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