About Alex

Alex believes that you can learn a lot from someone by listening to the dreams of this person. What did you want for example when you were young? What is the current reality of this dream? What’s needed to realize the dream of yesterday. Sometimes we know what we want but not how to get there. Make your own realistic version of this dream and translate it into the corresponding action. If you’re not sure how to do it, dip your toe in. See how it feels. Make, by doing so, the story in the second half of your life complete.

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The story you tell to yourself about your company plays a central role in how the company develops over time. What was once the idea behind the company and how has the company changed to the current state? What do the customers want and for what added value do they want to pay? Alex advises you how to make from this success story an even better story.

Alex is Lean (Black belt) Six Sigma consultant and currently advises several companies to bring order to the hustle and bustle of every day. You work in a successful business but not all of the processes are controlled. Customers are not always satisfied and are not willing to pay for mistakes. It stops further growth because there is a lot of rework. In this way the storey has come to a standstill. How can you learn to get the processes under control and to perform more efficiently? Alex advises you how to make from this success story an even better story.

Life you’re life fully. Do work that matters. Make it memorable. Have a story-worthy journey.