About Us

An Extraordinary Legacy of Storytelling

Passion Never Retires is part of The Hero’s Journey Expeditions, the travel program of the Hero’s Journey that was founded on the same belief of Peter de Kuster in the importance of sharing stories between creative professionals worldwide from past and present who followed their heart and (try to) make money doing what they love. Peter started The Hero’s Journey Expeditions in 2007/2008 and we offer now a great variety of trips each year, spanning more than 20 world cities.

Since its founding The Hero’s Journey has developed an incredible network of creative heroes and heroines worldwide. The Hero’s Journey taps this network to create unique and authentic journeys with meetings and stories in fascinating cities of the world.

As part of the Hero’s Journey group, The Hero’s Journey Expeditions aims to fulfill the mission to inspire people to make their own hero’s journey, follow their bliss and make money doing what they love by providing meaningful stories of heroes and heroines of past and present who inspire them to explore their own story. Proceeds from all travel programs support the Hero’s Journey efforts to give creative professionals worldwide the opportunity to share their story online at the hero’s journey and heroine’s journey website. To offer people who are on the verge of starting their hero’s journey the possibility to meet mentors who are living the life and doing the work they are aiming for.