Be a Travel Guide

We love to work with business/life/personal coaches who want to be a Passion Never Retires guide in great cities in the world coaching creative entrepreneurs and professionals using the inspiring stories of heroines who went before them in these cities. The Passion Never Retires project is started a few months ago and quickly gaining momentum.

The Passion Never Retires guide starts with a three day introduction program with three goals:

  1. Introduction in the Passion Never Retires story and the partners who support the program. To learn about the specific objectives of the guide in her/his own business. Story of the travel guide with picture will appear on the website Passion Never Retires.
  2. Together with Peter co creating in a world city (Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona, Madrid, Florence, your city) in three days the Passion Never Retires travel program in that city which is being offered to people who visit the website and to customers of our partners. Create a Passion Never Retires travel program for creative entrepreneurs & professionals who want inspiration in their own quest to make money doing what they love at every age.
  3. Meeting entrepreneurs in your own market who want to tell their Passion Never Retires story. You can experience how this is a relaxed and natural manner to meet new interesting entrepreneurs and engage in a meaningful conversation which can lead to new business. The Passion Never Retires story of the entrepreneur is being publicised on the website.

The Passion Never Retires program works with coaches, advisors and consultants who love to work with 50+ entrepreneurs and professionals who love to invent, create a new phase of their business and life.  You will use all your coaching experience in a natural way to enrich the story of the client.  You will have a variety of storytelling techniques at your disposal specific for the creative entrepreneur of 50+.  Stories, knowledge and experience which you can use directly in your work.

The project “Passion Never Retires” will have a great momentum worldwide because of the continuous stream of stories of entrepreneurs on the website who will share their stories with friends, family and relations.  Secondly  Peter de Kuster will share the Passion Never Retires stories with his fast growing online readers (almost 200.000 with The Heroine’s Journey and The Hero’s Journey online magazine’s).  Partners and ambassadors of the program worldwide will share the Passion Never Retires stories and travels with their customers.

Is being a “Passion Never Retires” guide something for you?

You love to work as a coach, consultant, advisor for creative entrepreneurs and professionals. You are looking for fun, creative ways to work with your own authentic style. You want to know how you can maintain your independence and work together with Peter in the Passion Never Retires project to strengthen and develop your reputation and relations in your market.

What is your investment:

€2495,-  exclusive VAT and hotel and travel expenses


Three days in a world city of your choice:  Rome, Florence, Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona and more cities to come.