Become Passion Never Retires Coach in Paris

Passion Never Retires Coaching: How to add meaningful value to your clients’ lives?

Have You Seen People Fail at Retirement?

It’s pretty sad to see people work for 40 years then fail to plan for how they will live and enjoy their “retired” years.

As a financial advisor, you are in a unique position to facilitate conversations with your clients about their next phase in life and work and help ensure they create the life and work they love and never want to retire from. To have the best life possible with the money they have.


Peter de Kuster, founder of Passion Never Retires trains financial advisors on how to become their client’s Passion Never Retires Coach.

By becoming your client’s Passion Never Coach, you can guide them through this major life transition and ensure it is everything they hoped it would be.

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You need a way to clearly differentiate your service in a crowded marketplace and become indispensable to your clients. Here’s how…

Develop specialized expertise in an area that cannot be commoditized by technology and that relies on human to human interaction.

Passion Never Retires Coaching is the perfect solution.

What’s Included in this three day Passion Never Retires Coaching Program:

  1. 5 action-packed sessions with Peter.
  2. Key written highlights from each session.
  3. 5 client-story tools, assessments, and resources that you can use with your clients.
  4. An amazing Passion Never Retires website for your clients titled: How to Create the Life and Work you Love and Never Want to Retire From? Including the  incredible lead-generation questionnaire in which people you have invited share their Passion Never Retires story.  A website that you get to customize with your brand. This turnkey website, all by itself, is worth the entire price of the program.

JOIN NOW and receive immediate access to everything in the program, including the 5 client – story tools.

Details of Each Passion Never Retires Coaching Session:

For your convenience, each session is recorded, archived, and available immediately to you.

Session 1. The nature of retirement is changing, has your advice kept up?

  • What retirement used to look like and what it’s moving toward.
  • The role of money in retirement.
  • The advisor’s new role in the retirement conversation.
  • Client-Story Tool: The Passion Never Retires questionnaire

Session 2. What are your clients retiring from and what are they passionate for?

  • The importance of passion in life and work
  • Working with clients to help them use their money in ways that will finance their portfolio of activities, places and people which make them happy.
  • The advisor’s role in guiding clients towards a great second half of their life.
  • Client-Story Tool: The Passion Never Retires Storyboard 

Session 3. Guiding couples through the new life& work transition so they don’t end up at each other’s throats.

  • Divorce rates spike during the first two years after the transition as many couples struggle to adjust to the new rhythm.
  • Learn how to help clients discover their view of how they want to focus their energies and time in the stage ahead.
  • The advisor’s role in helping clients find their balance between vacation and vocation, self and others.
  • Client-Story Tool: My Passion Never Retires Portfolio

Session 4. The Passion Never Retires Story Assessment and how it rewriting their stories can transform your clients business and life.

  • Why now is the time to begin questioning whether the stories your clients tell themselves about themselves, their life, their work, their health, their friendships, their happiness, their money on a more personal level.
  • The Three Golden Rules of Storytelling and how you can use it to focus clients on how to tell their stories in a way that improves their life.
  • The advisor’s role in the Passion Never Retires Storytelling
  • Client-Story Tool: The Passion Never Retires Story Assessment 

Session 5. Putting it all together to create the Passion Never Retires Coaching Client Experience and how you charge for it.

  • The five steps of the Passion Never Retires Coaching Process.
  • Positioning yourself as a Passion Never Retires Coaching Expert.
  • The advisor’s role in the Passion Never Retires Coaching Process.
  • Client-Story Tool: The Passion Never Retires Coaching Step-by-Step Process

By the end of the training, you’ll be equipped to:

  • Discover your clients’ stories, goals, hopes, and fears about creating a life and work they love and never want to retire from.
  • Expertly guide your clients to prepare for the next phase of their life and ensure that critical first year of transition is a success.
  • Address the issues that couples often struggle with during the transition
  • Discuss the Passion Never Retires Portfolio with your clients to ensure their money is being used to effectively enhance their portfolio of  life activities, people and places.
  • Offer your clients predictable and measurable value that doesn’t depend on the markets going up.
  • Use your new storytelling tools and skills to add more new clients than ever before.


Your investment for the three day The Passion Never Retires Coaching Seminar is Euro 2850 excluding VAT.  

The Passion Never Retires Coaching Seminar is organized twice each year in the cities Amsterdam, London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Florence, Malaga and Rome.

Special Group Pricing: 

We offer a discount for groups of 3 or more. To take advantage of group pricing, send an email to with how many you’d like to register and we’ll send you a special link. Thank you!