Executive Education

Executive education journeys are an ideal way to help a collection of professionals richly explore their competitive story options and learn new stories and perspectives on competition. By re-examining how your executive team tell their story about your offerings, evaluates customer stories, and views its overall business story, you will be better positioned to compete and thrive.

With the stimulating insight from Peter de Kuster you’ll be able to explore new and different solutions by examining your strategic opportunities through new lenses.

Guide Your Future By Understanding How to Achieve Your Goals with the Stories You Tell

Sessions can range from an individual appearance at a strategy retreat, to multiple sessions scheduled over time, to integration with the curriculum at a higher education institution. The goal is to ensure that the executive team has a full understanding of the range of storytelling models, principles, and practices of a particular topic area, and to bring together a coherent set of operating storytelling principles to guide future initiatives.

Peter’s content can be easily adapted to fit into a startup facilitator’s, company or university’s existing executive education structure. These sessions can be a powerful approach to helping executives create a common understanding of the current phenomena in the world of business – and then develop ideas for how to respond to a fast-changing environment.

Fascinate & Move

With a vast knowledge of business storytelling strategies and a proven track record of story success, Peter de Kuster offers concrete, repeatable, and proven storytellilng methods to streamlining your storytelling to customers, employees, stakeholders,  developing your leadership, and cultivating a better understanding of storytelling ways to succeed in your individual marketplace.

With each different type of executive education offering comes different benefits. Depending on your need we’ll work together to find which format best fits the needs of your business and make recommendations on what programs offer the most to you.

Talk with Peter about which executive education and training format works best for you and your business. Private Group sessions are designed and scheduled once we have learned the client situation and needs. Reach out at peterdekuster@hotmail.nl to schedule an initial discussion.