How Does It Work?

Passion Never Retires connects people who are exploring starting a new business, reinventing their business or honing existing skills with passionate entrepreneurs working in hundreds of businesses for affordable one-on-one inspiring travels in cities all over the world.

Passion Never Retires goes beyond connecting online, career coaching, business coaching or corporate outplacement.

The Passion Never Retires mentors offer real-life entrepreneurship experiences in the cities they live and work.

This could be the most valuable journey you ever take. Passion Never Retires gives you one-on-one access to entrepreneurs doing what you’re aspiring to do — mentors who will answer your questions and share their knowledge.

So, how does it work? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I meet with my Passion Never Retires Mentor?

You have three options — you can choose any one of them for each session:

  1. Phone (land, mobile or voice-only Skype)
  2. Videoconference (Skype, FaceTime (if you and your mentor are both Apple users), Google Hangouts or another video method of your and your mentor’s choice)
  3. In-person at your mentor’s city of work & life

How much does it cost?

To participate in Testdrive Your Dreamjob you follow the one day ‘Testdrive in Your Dreamjob’ seminar in preparation of your testdrive(s) with your mentor(s).  The price of the seminar is Euro 495. You can follow the seminar at this moment in Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, Berlin, Barcelona or Londen. Each mentor has their own hourly tariff for the Testdrive your Dreamjob conversations with you.  That hourly rate most times varies between Euro 50 and Euro 200 per hour.

How do I find the right mentor?

Read the stories of mentors at

How do I know Passion Never Retires mentors are reputable entrepreneurs?

Peter carefully selects our mentors. Since 2012 he travels every day one hour from fascinating person tot fascinating person. With each of them he has had personal contact. Passion Never Retires mentors are the real deal.

What do I have to do to schedule my one-hour session with a Passion Never Retires mentor?

You just need to follow four easy steps

  1. Send us an email requesting a mentor one-hour videoconference, phone or in-person session, and provide up to 10 days and timeframes that work for your schedule. (you can also request a full-day or half-day mentorship session).
  2. The mentor will suggest three one-hour time slots for your session based on your preferences.
  3. Accept, book one of the suggested time slots and pay your session. We will inform your mentor about this.
  4. We will send you the mailadress of your mentor for your phone, in-person or videoconference (via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts or another method of your choice) session. Easy!

Is this like career, life, business or executive coaching?

No. Career, life and executive coaches help you focus your skills and strengths in the right direction, but they do not work in the actual businesses you’re exploring. Passion Never Retires mentors work in the same business you’re exploring. They’ve been there and done that. Your time with them is a reality check that is hard to get anywhere else.

Should I have a list of questions prepared for my mentor?

Although your mentor will have a baseline of information to cover with you each session, you should come fully prepared with your list of questions. This is your time. You will get out of it what you put into it. Make it count.

What if my mentor or I am late for a session?

We use the “personal trainer” model for dealing with tardiness or cancelation. If you are more than 15 minutes late or you cancel within an hour of your session with your mentor, you lose that session. If you are late, your advisor is not obligated to wait more than 15 minutes for you. Nor do they need to credit you for their valuable time. So be on time!

The same is expected of Passion Never Retires mentors. If a mentor is more than 15 minutes late or cancels within an hour of your session, they will reschedule with you and make up any additional lost time and then some. We recommend mentors provide an additional 30 minutes of pro bono consultation for being late or canceling at the last minute.

There are exceptions to every rule. If an emergency occurs, both parties should be accommodating and use good sense.

If I establish a working relationship with my mentor, should I continue to use Passion Never Retires to communicate with them?

Yes. We look forward to an ongoing relationship with you!

Have other questions we didn’t answer here?

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