La Divina Commedia

La Divina Commedia is a guide to reinventing the second half of your life. Whether you wish to change careers, move to a more desirable part of the world, start a business, write a novel, or drop everything to pursue a life dream, Peter de Kuster offers a powerful story of hope and guidance – inspired by Dante’s Divina Commedia in Florence –  that will benefit his fellow travellers.

Through a series of storytelling excercises you will develop a comprehensive ‘script’ for your Divina Commedia – your second half of life – a step by step journey in Florence that will lead you to the life you have always wanted.

Each one of experiences in your 3 day La Divina Commedia journey will introduce you to a new way of thinking about entrepreneurship, about creating a venture of your own, about how to use your wits and imagination to design the future and to eradicate the past.

  • Do you have a desire, not yet fulfilled?
  • Do you have a wish to create financial and intellectual independence?
  • Have you ever wanted to go out on your own, but didn’t know how?
  • Have you ever had the feeling that you are stuck in a place, a position, a job, a career, a business relationship – that limits you?

La Divina Commedia  is the place to discover how to liberate yourself from your present and past, not by choosing options we are creating for you, but by inventing your own options, which is what entrepreneurs do.

Welcome to La Divina Commedia, an original journey by The Hero’s Journey designed to transform the state of 50+ entrepreneurship and small businesses throughout the world.

You can read the whole story of La Divina Commedia journey here: La Divina Commedia

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Day 1.  The Preparation.  Setting the Stage for Your La Divina Commedia.

Etappe 1.  You Can Lead the Life of your Dreams.  Etappe 2.  Putting your Dream into a Story.  Etappe 3.  Developing the La Divina Commedia Mindset. Etappe 4.  Identifying Closed Doors.

In a brilliantly constructed narrative of his imaginary guided pilgrimage through the three realms of the Christian afterlife—hell, purgatory, and heaven—Dante accomplished a literary task of astonishing complexity.

  • He created an unforgettable gallery of characters.
  • He poetically explored a host of concerns both universal and particular, timely and timeless.
  • He tapped the combined riches of the biblical and classical traditions in a synthesis that forever placed Western writers in his debt as they tried to build on his foundation.

James Joyce might have been speaking for those writers when he exclaimed, “Dante is my spiritual food!”

Day 2  The Journey. Opening the Doors to Your Divina Commedia. 

Etappe 5.  Age: Perception versus Reality.  Etappe 6.  Money: A Question of Choice.  Etappe 7. Duration: Travel Companions and Shortcuts.  Etappe 8.  Physical Condition: Just Do It.  Etappe 9. Consent and Support: Asking is Enough.  Etappe 10. Education and Training: what is in a Name. Etappe 11. Timing and Location: Take Charge of your Success.  Etappe 12. Esteem, Fear of Success, Fear of Failure and Fatalism: Stop Being Your Own Worst Enemy.

The full achievement of the Commedia goes far beyond anything merely “literary.”Dante is a geographer of the cosmos and a student of the soul. His range spans not only the heights of heaven and the depths of hell but also the recesses of the human heart. As Dante the pilgrim makes his journey, Dante the poet dramatizes and asks us to reflect on fundamental questions:

  • What is the quality of our moral actions?
  • How does spiritual transformation come about?
  • What is the nature of good and evil, virtue and vice, sin and sanctity?
  • Why is the world so full of strife?
  • How do we go on when we lose things we love, as Dante—through exile—lost his native Florence?
  • What role do reading and writing play in human life?

In the seven centuries since the Commedia was written, not one of these questions has lost its force. Moreover, Dante addresses them in a demanding and innovative Italian verse form called terza rima. His complex arrangement of materials makes the Commedia one of the great virtuoso pieces of world literature.

Day 3.  The Return. Your New Story.

Etappe 13.   Writing Your New Story for the Second Half of Your Life.  Etappe 14.  The Quest …. or Another Beginning.   

We, Like All of You, Are Pilgrims Here”

Dante constructed the Commedia in three parts, and each part conveys an essential element of his message:

  • In the Inferno, the poet describes the pilgrim’s encounters with an eye toward deepening our insight into the nature of evil and moral choice. You see Dante meeting sinners drawn from each of the categories of sin he describes, ending with a vision of Satan frozen at the bottom of hell.
  • In Purgatorio, the poet dramatizes the nature and purpose of moral conversion as repentant sinners arduously prepare themselves for the vision of God in heaven, strengthening their wills in virtue and against the seven deadly sins. Community and its great sustainers, art and ritual, become prominent themes as souls strive toward full redemption.
  • In Paradiso, Dante has memorable encounters with great Christian thinkers in the Circle of the Sun and with his own heroic ancestor in the Circle of Mars.

By the time your own journey is completed, you will learn why Dante’s pilgrimage is an exceedingly enriching experience for anyone who chooses to accompany him.And you will understand why the Commedia is not a puzzle to be solved or a book to be read and put aside. It is a mystery whose beauty and power can be enjoyed for the rest of your life.


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Your investment is  Euro 2.495 excluding VAT and excluding hotel nights & diners

The number of travel companions is 4 -8 plus your travel guide(s)

Customized Tour:

La Divina Commedia is available as a private tour or 10+ person tour.  It can be delivered directly to client groups by The Hero’s Journey travel guides, or by third-party trainers, coaches and consultants who are trained and licensed by The Hero’s Journey.