Learning and Development

Even the smartest business strategy will struggle to succeed without an passionate, engaged creative workforce. We believe that powerful storytelling is the key to more innovative performance and long term engagement of professionals in your organization.

Alongside technical skills, professionals who can master a range of sophisticated, ‘soft’ storytellilng skills are better able to thrive, manage themselves and succeed at their work. Our Learning and Development programme is designed to build powerful storytelling in the workplace through the teaching of 12 core Storytelling Skills and 6 core Creative Entrepreneurial Skills

Our workshops are psychologically rich, thought-provoking and enjoyable, often drawing on stories of creative rolemodels and great storytellers. The content we develop is rigorous, practical, intelligent and delivered in engaging and playful ways. Storytelling development and a fully engaged creative professionals is our mission.

Contact us at peterdekuster@hotmail.nl to learn more or schedule a skype meeting- we would love to hear from you.