Passion Never Retires Club

Imagine a workplace where employees don’t complain about problems but instead work together in idea-generating clubs to present positive solutions. The Passion Never Retires Club will help you get there there, by providing managers with an easy, step-by-step approach that harnesses the collective genius of their people to drive innovation, improve efficiency, and increase morale.

In tough times like these–with managers facing increasing pressure to get more done with fewer people and less money–encouraging employees to work together to tackle tough issues on their own is not a luxury, but a survival tool. When people start seeing possibilities instead of problems–and can present their solutions to decision-makers who care–something amazing happens: They find themselves actually working together toward a common goal that benefits everyone and their organization. The Passion Never Retires Club is a guide, a method, and a tool that provides:
-Everything a manager needs to get a Passion Never Retires Club (or three) up and running in his or her organization–and keep it going.
-Tips and techniques to help your people generate ideas and select the best ones.
-The best ways to capture, record, research, and follow through on the solutions generated by a Passion Never Retires Club.
-Strategies to help your people pitch their ideas.
-And much more.

Designed in a loose and light style, this seminar presents  the facets of the concept, illustrated through a story based on real-life examples of Passion Never Retires Clubs in action. This book will help anyone learn exactly what’s needed to create a club in his or her company, no matter its industry, size, or history.