Passion Never Retires in Paris

What is Passion Never Retires in Paris?

Passion Never Retires in Paris is a three-day event which covers the most important ideas we teach and aims to transform the life and business of professionals. It is designed to equip travellers with a toolkit of Storytelling Skills that will revolutionise your creative life and business and your sense of possibility and happiness.


Passion Never Retires in Paris will be an uncommon experience. For a start, we are not being teaching in entirely standard ways. Peter de Kuster and his team on stage don’t merely lecture to a passive audience. They invite you on a journey of discovery in a great world city into the stories of heroes and heroines of past and present who made before you their journey.  Almost continuous interaction, getting travellers to look inside themselves, complete a variety of Passion Never Retires discovery exercises and bring your stories to bear on the ideas put forward on stage.

The stories of Peter are peppered with stories of creative rolemodels in films, pieces of music, slides and visual prompts; all the senses are properly stimulated to keep the mind fresh and receptive. Furthermore, there is an enormous emphasis on friendship. You will not be merely walking quietly on your own. You will be guided to meet heroes and heroines in the city who created a life and work they love and never want to retire from, form smaller and larger groups with fellow travellers and carry out exercises together. It is almost impossible to leave after three days without having made quite a few firm friends.

Date & Venue

Friday 20 – 22 October 2017 | Paris, France


Day 1 Friday What is Your Story?, Your Passion Never Retires,  Testdrive Your Dreamjob

Day 2 Saturday Morning Self Promotion, Choosing your Client Tribe, Telling your Story

Day 2 Saturday Afternoon Meeting your Rolemodel(s), Dreamjob, Story Potential, Creative Confidence, Tragedy 

Day 3 Sunday , Creating your New Story, Meaning & Happiness 


Travel Guide

The event will be led by storyteller and founder of Passion Never Retires – Peter de Kuster and supported by members of Passion Never Retires club in Paris

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Ticket Information

Your ticket of Euro 1495 excl. VAT will include:

  • One ticket* to the three-day event led by Passion Never Retires
  • A gift bag of Passion Never Retires products
  • Morning & afternoon refreshments throughout the event

*Seating choice on a first come first served basis.   

‘You are the storyteller of your own life and business. You can create your own legend – or Not!  You will return to your world ready to take on its myriad of challenges with a new story, new insight and energy. Attendance at the conference is one of the greatest luxuries we could ever give our deep stories and our future selves.’

Peter de Kuster

For more info mail Peter at to schedule a skype session.