Passion Never Retires Year

The best way fully to immerse yourself in what Passion Never Retires has to offer is to enrol in Passion Never Retires Year, a one year experience which allows you to take all our journeys in your own time and learn everything we have to teach.

Once on Passion Never Retires Year, you’ll undertake a highly flexible journey which allows you to fit classes around your existing commitments. You can begin Passion Never Retires Year at any time with a two day introduction journey with Peter de Kuster in Rome. Over the course of a year – every month in a skype meeting- , we will cover core issues around making creating a life and work you love and never want to retire from, the power of your story,  making money doing what you love, your clients story, telling your story and making the story connection.

Your overall progress and the direction of your journey will take place under the guidance of Peter de Kuster, founder of Passion Never Retires. You have the opportunity to invite other creative professionals in your city to tell their story on the Passion Never Retires website; attend the Passion Never Retires yearly three day conference in Paris.

At the end, you will be awarded the Passion Never Retires Award in recognition of the journey you have undertaken.


Euro 1995 excluding VAT

The Programme includes

  • The Passion Never Retires story – along with other tools for storytelling
  • A structured journey around the full range of our seminars including our  storytelling seminars
  • Telling your story on the Passion Never Retires website and the right to four times per year updating your story
  • An introductory two day journey in Rome and monthly skype meetings with Peter de Kuster
  • Admission to The Passion Never Retires yearly three day Conference for you and a guest
  • 10% discount at all offerings of Passion Never Retires
  • Membership of the Passion Never Retires Friends scheme