Florence & Rome

With this The Hero’s Journey of Michelangelo expedition in Florence & Rome in the footsteps of Michelangelo, travellers readers will quickly discover how to achieve the freedom to pursue their goals at their own pace, on their own terms regardless of their age.

Story by story, Miranda van Buuren & Peter de Kuster reveal how new opportunities will enable individuals to create tailor-made stories about their second half of life.

Whether you’re trying to find your passion, make a dream come true, or face a major career change, there are lessons to be learned from the life of Michelangelo. The world’s all-time master of sculpture, painting, and architecture, Michelangelo had the unique ability to “see” a masterpiece inside a block of stone–or hidden in the curves of a chapel ceiling. Then, with astonishing purpose and drive, he would bring his unique vision to life.

There’s a masterpiece inside of you too. It’s the life and career you’ve always wanted, buried beneath layers of doubt, fear, and untapped potential. All you have to do is “see” it–and release it–with The Hero’s Journey of Michelangelo.

Created by Miranda & Peter and with the stories from the great artist himself–  The Hero’s Journey of Michelangelo is a remarkable step-by-step guide that will show you how to master the same creative strategies that inspired the paintings on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Michelangelo approached every aspect of his life with passion, commitment, and courage. By applying these principles to your own life, you’ll quickly learn how to:

  • Open your eyes to the skills, strengths, and values you already possess
  • Turn your secret passion into a lifelong commitment
  • Take your career to new levels of personal achievement and joy
  • Design and live a life that fits you

Filled with colorful real-life stories, insightful self-assessments The Hero’s Journey of Michelangelo will help you to release your inner masterpiece–and live your life artfully, meaningfully, and joyfully in the second half of your life.


This 5 day journey is organized every month. Ask us dates by mailing peterdekuster@hotmail.nl 

Your investment is  Euro 3.295 excluding VAT and excluding hotel nights & diners

The number of travel companions is 4 -8 plus your travel guides Jan & Peter 

Customized Tour:

The Hero’s Journey of Michelangelo is available as a private tour or 10+ person tour.  It can be delivered directly to client groups by The Hero’s Journey travel guides, or by third-party trainers, coaches and consultants who are trained and licensed by The Hero’s Journey.