The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour

The best way fully to immerse yourself in what Passion Never Retires has to offer is to enrol in The Grand Tour, a one year experience which allows you to take all our daytrips in your own time and learn everything we have to teach.

Once on The Grand Tour, you’ll undertake a highly flexible journey which allows you to fit seminars around your existing commitments. You can begin The Grand Tour at any time. Over the course of a year, we will cover core issues around your creative entrepreneurship, making money doing what you love,  the power of your story,  your self promotion,  your financial freedom to create,  your time management, your passion which never retires.

Your overall progress and the direction of your study will take place under the guidance of a deeply sympathetic and intelligent guide. As well as Peter de Kuster and his certified travel guides, you’ll have the opportunity to meet face to face or via virtual media creative heroines you consider as inspiring rolemodels. Meetings which can transform your creative life and business

At the end, you will be awarded the Passion Never Retires Certificate in recognition of the journey you have undertaken and your new story will be published on the Passion Never Retires Journey website in a special personal page with ten pages for your story including the professional pictures you want to use.

The price of The Grand Tour is Euro 1995 excluding VAT and excluding travel expenses.

The Grand Tour includes

  • A structured journey around the full range of our one day seminars in a city of your choice
  • An introductory session with Peter de Kuster about empowering your own story
  • An half-year and end of year review with Peter de Kuster of your story to rewrite it for the Passion Never Retires website
  • Admission to all our journeys for you and a guest
  • 20% discount at Passion Never Retires journeys for your friends
  • Membership of Passion Never Retires Friends scheme.

If you have any further questions about enrolling at The Grand Tour, please email Peter at