Passion Never Retires

Discover the Passion Never Retires Difference

‘Passion Never Retires’ is part of The Hero’s Journey which was built upon Peter’s passion for discovery and a desire to understand the stories of creative heroes of past and present who followed their heart on a deeper level. Peter and his first fellow travellers liked to dig in the stories of Paris, Rome, Florence, London; immerse themselves in the stories of fascinating creative people in these cities; and get to meet creative heroes with their stories about how they try to make money doing what they love. Designers, artistis, writers, cooks, actors and many more creative heroes. Our trips are designed in the same spirit—to draw out the uniqueness of each city through meaningful and enriching experiences, stories and meetings with the heroes in that city.

Explore Alongside Our Creative Heroes

Whether you’re traveling with a Passion Never Retires storyteller, designer, branding expert or photographer, or meeting local creative heroes and rolemodels along the way, you’ll enjoy a personal, enriching of your own inside story inspired by the stories of heroes in the places you’re exploring.

Enrich your Own Story More Than You Ever Imagined

Passion Never Retires opens doors to inspiring creative heroes and heroines around the globe so that you can enjoy access to special stories and sites —including our own guides, whose discoveries have helped illuminate the world’s greatest stories of creative heroes.

Experience the World and your own Story Authentically

There’s a distinct difference between visiting a place, meeting people and truly experiencing it to enrich your own story about your life and work. We design every Hero’s Journey expedition to be a celebration of a remarkable city and a genuine interaction with its culture. From the people we meet and the traditions we encounter to the way we travel and the places we stay, our experiences reflect the authentic character of each destination and its creative heroes.