Why Meet your Rolemodels

Why spend time in the Passion Never Retires experience?

  1.  To ‘test-drive’ your dream business before committing;
  2.  To find a mentor;
  3.  To learn the ‘ins and outs’of the business;
  4.  To make contacts in the industry;
  5.  To boost your confidence;
  6.  To explore a passion;
  7.  To satisfy your curiosity about ‘the road not taken’;
  8.  To test possible businesses when you don’t know what is next;
  9.  To experience an unusual, invigorating vacation;
  10.  To try something new and challenge yourself in new ways;
  11.  To gain perspective on your current business, lifestyle, and future;
  12.  To reconnect with a dormant part of yourself.

I know from my own experience with creating my dream business that what I needed more than anything was somebody who told me that:

&  Going after my dream business did not require the daredevil leap that I thought it did.

&  What it did require was a series of small, incremental steps.

&  Those steps could be fun rather than scary.

The idea of starting a new business and leaving an existing job or business – with a real paycheck and real benefits – behind is pretty scary no matter how you tell the story, and imagining even the most exciting dream business does not do much to mitigate that fear for most of us. The only way to do that is to adress those fears head – on.  So let us do that right now – because the sooner you get mobilized, step by incremental step, the sooner you will make that dream business real.