Passion Never Retires for Maria Letizia Cassata

My great dream is to promote Arts. After having travelled and lived between France, Milan and Rome I have made the choice to live and come back to my native town which is Palermo. This town which recently has been declared Italian capital of culture for 2018, is in a real magic moment the perfect place to stay in relation with my activities. I have worked for more than fifteen years in the field of arts.

I’m real privileged becouse I have the great opportunity to work with creative people and above all being regularly in contact with wonderful people. And artists who change every day my horizons and point of view.

My greatest extravagance is the luxury to choose … This work isn’t so easy as many people imagine. I have a great responsibility, I try to allow artist dreams to become reality, it’s a great deal and this need many actors because often many obstacles make it difficult to realize. But when the “vernissage “ arrives I’m really happy and proud of all the artists I help and promote.

It is very difficult to say which project has been more important or significant than another. I always had the great opportunity to work at several important projects and all with their fantastic peculiarities . About 2018.  It’s a great opportunity and honour to stay and work in Palermo, the actual major is really changing the image of his city and creates many interests around the world. I’m really very excited and important future opportunities are coming . Our last big exhibition at Zac by Shay Frisch has been a real success . We are actually working at important exhibitions of international artists coming in Palermo from different places.

I’m really lucky where i live, my house is in Mondello ten km far from The Centre of Palermo. It is a wonderful place to stay with a caraibic sea where I go to run with my dog. Ofcourse my favorite places to eat and stay are near of the sea.

“Passion never Retires” is fundamental for me and the meaning is very important. All my life I have been inspired by the idea of passion before all. All the fabulous artists, curators and the Directors of Museum who believed in my dreams allowed this fantastic process.

I ‘m owner of MLC COMUNICAZIONE and president of MESIME.                                            FB page/Mesime / Mlc comunicazione.



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